How Much Do I Feed?

As a recommended starting point, we recommend 1 dry cup per every 20 LBS your dog weighs broken into two feedings breakfast and dinner.

Why Do Some Diets Contain “Wheat Germ”?

NRG diets use exclusively whole food ingredients to supply the building blocks for a balanced diet.  The germ of the wheat kernel accounts for 3% of the weight of the kernel and is the nutrient dense part of the plant.  This tiny particle provides essential nutrition that cannot be found easily elsewhere in nature.  The germ does not contain gluten and is not a known allergen to dogs.  We feel the quality of nutrients provided by wheat germ far out weight the fads in the market place.

Why Do You Not Use Potato?

That is correct, unlike most other dehydrated dog foods, we do not use potato or any other fillers in our diets.  Potato was an unheard of ingredient in pet food over a decade ago but as the market shifted away from grain as a binder in the manufacturing of kibble, potato became the new carbohydrate of choice.  Potato is a very cheap binder and holds little nutritional value once cooked into pet food.  (Did you know potatoes are mostly GMO now?)

Can NRG Be Fed Dry?

As a change once in a while you can feed NRG dry.  The dogs do not seem to ravish it like rehydrated NRG but they seem to enjoy the change. 

Can I Mix NRG With Other Foods?

While feeding NRG as a sole diet will provide the best for your pet.  Lifestyle decisions dictate what and how your pet is fed.  NRG can be fed in conjunction with other BALANCED foods.  If an UNBALANCED ration is being served, than NRG should be a separate meal.

Can I Feed NRG To a Puppy?

Yes, the first offerings to puppies being weaned should be pureed in a blender to a cream soup consistency to facilitate them lapping it up.

Why Doesn’t NRG Have a Puppy, Adult or Senior Diet?

All NRG diets are balanced for all life stages.  The balance never changes just the amount of balanced food required does.  As with humans, we do not need different food from young to old, we consume more or less calories.  We have not seen puppy or senior dog food in the wild, have you?

Why Do I See Food Particles In My Dogs Stool?

Visible food particles in stools are not a sign of undigested food, it is the fiber particles that the nutrition has been removed from at the cellular level.  These particles play an active role in cleaning the lining of the intestine.  Larger commercial companies grind their ingredients into a fine consistency so they are not visible to the naked eye.  Ever eat corn or other roughage? 

Why Is My Dogs Stool Much Larger With NRG?

Wholesome food produces wholesome stools and promotes intestinal health and reduces risk of colon cancer.  They are not generally easy to pick up.  Conventional pet foods finely grind the fibers.  By adjusting the quantity of these fibers, you adjust the amount of water retained in the stool thus a small hard stool that is easy to clean up.  If your child had stool as hard as your dogs you would most likely take him / her to a doctor to find out why they are constipated.  It is the opinion of Dr. Meg Smart DVM PHD that dogs are forced to endure a chronic state of constipation for the convenience of ease of pick up for the caregiver of the dog. For more information on this topic, download our Scoop on Poop article from Our Diets Page.