Our Diets


NRG™ Original dehydrated dog food diets that include whole oats are available in three free range proteins, roast chicken, poached wild caught pacific ocean salmon and roast beef. As with all NRG dehydrated dog food diets, raw fruits and vegetables contribute to increased enzyme enhancement.


NRG™ Optimum® dehydrated dog food diet is formulated for active or large breeds dogs.  Formulated for performance, the vegetable and oat fiber mix has soothing effect on the intestinal tract in canines new to natural food or those dogs whose size or activity level dictate that their dinner bowl must be full to the brim.


NRG™ Maxim® dehydrated dog food diet is our benchmark raw dehydrated dog food.  Maxim® raw dehydrated diet sets the standard for dehydrated dog food brands. Maxim is often copied by other manufacturers but never equaled.  Each dry pound of Maxim® is calorically equivelant to 4.5 pounds of fresh food.


 NRG™ Pulse™ Grain / Gluten Free raw diet sets a new standard for dehydrated dog food brands. We took our ever popular Maxim® diet and removed the wheat germ adding chick peas, hemp seed and other heart healthy ingredients to create our new Pulse™ dehydrated dog food diet.

True North Treats™

NRG™ True North Treats are back by popular demand.  We have revamped our treat line and now offer three mouth watering varieties.  Smokehouse Salmon and sweet potato, Sundried Salmon skins and free range beef liver.  Available online or at your local retailer. 


Want to know more? Checkout our Diet Information Chart and our Scoop on Poop article below.